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Cautious Optimism After First Round of Zoning Bylaw Meetings

September 28th, 2013 No comments

Originally published Sept 27th, this piece got lost in the flap created by the Cowichan Valley Citizen article that same morning. (See Below) It’s quiet in Cowichan Bay Village this morning. It’s damp outside, there’s a cool mist overhanging the water towards Genoa Bay and it rained overnight, lending the docks the shining glisten we […]

Village Rallies Behind George Weeks; Boat Rescue Successful

August 12th, 2013 1 comment

Update: The fund-raiser in benefit of George Weeks will be held August 26th at the Pub. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the Pier-66 Store in Cowichan Bay Village. The Fisherboy II which got stuck on a log and foundered last Friday morning in Cowichan Bay, is floating and back at it’s dock […]

Voyage of the Krid – Brian’s boat moves under it’s own power.

June 15th, 2013 2 comments

Last year Brian managed to get hold of an old dilapidated fiberglass boat hull. It really wasn’t much of a “boat” at all. There were cracks here and there, the transom was weak and almost everyone who looked at it suggested it would probably be best to send the thing to the garbage dump. 5 […]

CVRD to Regulate Float Homes

February 10th, 2013 No comments

Commentary: Originally published in February 2012 It was bound to happen, and now it finally has. At the CVRD’s February 21st Electoral Area Service Committee a motion was passed directing staff to initiate a process to amend the Area D Cowichan Bay Official Settlement Plan Bylaw No. 925 and Area D Zoning Bylaw No. 1015 […]

People of the Bay – Colleen Underwood – Potter

February 9th, 2013 No comments

Originally published July 20 2011 I’ll bet there were few people who, in the year 2000 would have guessed that local resident Colleen Underwood’s new hobby would one day lead to a thriving little pottery shop here in Cowichan Bay. Especially if you consider that she began learning the Potter’s craft while on assignment with […]

Boats of the Bay – Inuksuk

February 3rd, 2013 No comments

Name: Inuksuk  (Inook-shook) Type: Blue Water Capable Sailing Ketch Length: 44 feet (14.65 m) Weight: 23.5 tons (47,000 lbs) Hull: Ferro-Cement Owners: John and Catherine Dook 2 people like this post. Like Unlike