A Sunny Winter’s Day

January 20th, 2014 3 comments

It’s been sunny off and on this week. I’ve been kept busy with work and various projects of late and have been neglecting you, dear readers. To make up for it a little, enjoy the slide show of pictures taken this week.

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BC Supercargoes’ donates 20k to Maritime Centre

December 2nd, 2013 1 comment

Concerned for safety of artifacts, donation goes to roofing project.

Maritime Centre Pier - Cowichan bay Village

Maritime Centre Pier – Cowichan bay Village

An organization you may never have heard of has come forward with a large donation for the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre.

Captain Terry Stuart, who presented the cheque  to incoming Centre President Chris Banner on behalf of The British Columbia Supercargoes’ Association said the move was primarily initiated by a concern over the safety of historical artifacts.

He is quoted in a short article in the Cowichan News Leader as having said; “We were concerned that your valuable artifacts in the pods and pavilion might be jeopardized, so this donation is toward your roofing fund.”

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Roche Cove Makes Quiet Entrance

November 28th, 2013 1 comment
Roche Cove

Roche Cove

There’s a new vessel in the harbour at Pier 66 this week. Well…. It’s not exactly a new vessel in the true sense. It’s probably not even new to Cowichan Bay.

No, Roche Cove has been around for quite a while, and probably seen about all of this coast at one time or another.

She’s a small wooden tug, named for a place to be found near the town of Sooke BC. That’s the same place my own little boat is originally from, and so a bit of investigation was in order.

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Who Remembers the Dartford?

November 11th, 2013 No comments


Remembrance day came on November 9th for me this year. I know it’s actually today that we pause a moment to think of our veterans, those men and women who who served in our military, but by chance I had the experience a few days early.

One of the things I particularly enjoy about the Internet, is the seemingly endless quantity and variety of 19th and 20th century film that’s available for viewing. Pick your subject, you shall find that someone, somewhere has made a short film of it.

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Lori Iannidinardo Makes Positive Statement in Press

October 21st, 2013 No comments
From where I'm sitting, this is positive news.

From where I’m sitting, this is positive news.

In a letter which appeared in Sunday’s Cowichan News Leader Pictorial, Area Director Lori Iannidinardo made a statement clarifying her position on zoning issues related to the floating community in Cowichan Bay Village.

Ms Iannidinardo makes the following comments, amongst others in her letter;

“The waters of Cowichan Bay are important to all of us. These waters are experiencing impacts from a variety of sources, including upland and road runoff.

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Cautious Optimisim Continues on Floathome Zoning Question

October 18th, 2013 1 comment
Cowichan Bay Village

Cowichan Bay Village, House painting in a dignified setting.

CVRD, Residents in Concert.

Area Director Iannidinardo Still Sounds Sour Notes.

The CVRD wants to settle issues regarding zoning, Village float home owners and marina owners want to co-operate in that process, yet area director Lori Iannidinardo is indirectly quoted in a recent Cowichan News Leader Pictorial article saying:

Iannidinardo explained the sewage hook-up issue is a sore point among some residents claiming they should continue dumping into the eco-sensitive bay, despite upper-government rules.

“It’s an emotional issue, it’s their home; I get that but, we all have to take responsibility.”

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Rowing around the Bay

October 1st, 2013 2 comments

by Chris Banner

Chris Banner rowing with his niece

Chris Banner rowing with his niece

I can hear my breath when I row into Cherry Point. I’ve worked hard against the southerly breeze, but I’ve enjoyed the slapping waves, the hull’s contented gurgle and the creak of the rowlocks. My ears hear the whistle of Eagles high in the trees, the croak of a startled Heron wading on the shore and the raucous rattle of the Kingfisher, darting from tree to tree. I rest on my oars sheltered from the wind. My GPS informs me I didn’t exceed three knots, but as I turn and row from behind the marina’s breakwater, I feel the wind press the Acorn’s transom, push against my chest and tug at my hair.

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