About the Village at Cowichan Bay

February 8th, 2013
Bruno at Cowichan bay Village

Bruno at Cowichan bay Village

Cowichan Bay is on the East coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It’s almost as far West as one can go, (Not quite, as the residents of Tofino and Ucluelet will undoubtedly point out.) and below the 49th parallel which denotes most of the border between the US and Canada. We’re only a half hour from the Provincial Capital city of Victoria.

Formerly a fishing village and lumber town, this is a community that has bootstrapped itself back into vibrancy through the dedicated hard work of the people who live and work here. It’s a Cittaslow Community, the first in Canada. This website is about the bay, it’s waters and it’s people.

There’s not much land between the high tide line and Cowichan Bay Road. Our community, the one that exists between the road and the low tide line, in fact beyond and into the bay itself, is an eclectic mix of people who come from all walks and manners of life. Here the retired rub shoulders with those still young enough to be working, the wealthy mix freely with those who get by with lesser means. The shoestring cash budget is as well known here as is the paid up platinum credit card. It is not uncommon to see a new Mercedes parked next to a 20 year old pickup truck.

We have artists, lawyers, businessmen, shipwrights, drapers, potters, bakers, painters, schoolteachers, marine mechanics, welders, carpenters, truck drivers, boat brokers and more than a few who work at a variety of occupations as opportunity and ambition knock.

Some live out on the water, while others reside in quayside accommodation which looks out across the harbour. Some, like my wife and I live in float-homes, others in power-cruisers, retired commercial fishing vessels or sailboats. There’s even a tugboat or two with that friendly lived-in look.

Then there are the stilt homes, built on pilings out over the water. These folks have the ocean as their front yard. We rise and fall with the tides and currents that swirl through the bay. It’s a world both seen and unseen, for often to the visitor’s eye, we look like part-time boaters out for the day, or yachtsmen working on their vessels or weekend cabins.

You have to live here a while to see this community with any clarity. That’s what The Cowichan Bay Current is all about. To help those who live here keep up with some of the goings on, and to allow those who find our lifestyle interesting to see for themselves what living on, or near the water really means.

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