Two Old Farts And A Fat Guy – Truck Show at Duncan Ex Grounds

A pair of International Harvesters

A pair of International Harvesters

Brian, Peter and I are enthusiasts of all things mechanical. Oily, dirty, smelling of gasoline or diesel fuel, loud and noisy or nearly silent, it doesn’t matter. If there’s a tugboat in the harbour we go take a look. If the steam train is running at the Forestry Visitor Center, you’ll find us hanging on the fence, waving as it goes by.

Aircraft are remarked on as they fly overhead and often times, in depth discussions follow and debates rage as to what engines this or that has or had, which occasionally can only be settled to anyone’s satisfaction by looking things up on the Internet.

So when we discovered that there was to be an antique and restored heavy truck show at the Duncan Exhibition grounds this weekend, we knew we’d be off to go see the vehicles on offer. This was something not to be missed.

We piled into the pickup once more and made the short drive across town. On the way the remark was made that the air conditioning was not all that it might have been, considering that it was a fairly hot day and the determination was made that another can of magic air was needed. My pickup has the slowest of a/c leaks. It takes about two cans of magic air  year to keep it humming up to standard. They cost about 15 bucks each.

Beautiful Model A Ford

Beautiful Model A Ford

A repair estimate I once had done suggested a permanent fix would cost about an even 1000 dollars. The truck is a 1998 Chevrolet. So I buy the cans of magic air and I have a hose and gauge to tell me when the system is full.

The first thing we noticed after parking the pickup, was that there would be a lot to see. The entire main exhibition area was wall-to-wall with trucks of all sorts and more were arriving by the minute. The area was graveled with a fair bit of sand mixed in and so quite dusty. The new arrivals were creeping in using first gear, so as not to dust up the rest of the show.

The second thing we noticed was one of the most exquisitely beautiful Model A Ford coupes I have ever seen. Dark blue with “just a shade lighter” blue wheels and accents and pin stripes. The interior in matching velvet-like cloth. I’ve seen a fair sampling of Uncle Henry’s early creations, but never one as gloriously rebuilt and put together as this one. What a delight to see.

Inspecting an Oldsmobile Truck

Inspecting an Oldsmobile Truck

All the vehicles were lined up along the outside of the main space, with a line of smaller trucks in the center. Everyone was shined up and looking their best. Logging trucks generally accustomed to being covered in mud, dust and bits of tree bark stood gleaming. It was plain to see that an awful lot of work had gone into making all the entries look so good.

It’s often a bit disappointing when one goes to an event like this and finds that an awful lot of the vehicles on display are the same make and from the same manufacturer. This wasn’t nearly the case today as everything from big logging Pacifics to a tiny 1960’s Datsun were on display. Kenworth was well represented, but also Peterbilt, Mack and Ford (Model TT and A). Personally I preferred the 1979 International Cab-over and the 1964 Mack Model B.

The local Lions club had a concession doing hot business in the upper parking area, but the sunshine had already tired us out a bit, and so we ambled down the hill to where my truck sat waiting. Wow was it hot inside!

I bought and installed a can of magic air on the way home, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

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  1. Bea Seaman
    July 19th, 2013 at 04:55 | #1

    Wow, that would have been quite the outing… Sorry we missed it! Rundell would definitely have attended!!! Miss youz guyz… Xxx us

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